Autumn Jewellery ideas

When you’re changing your wardrobe every season to keep up with both current trends and weather, why shouldn't you be changing your accessories too? Invest in some new jewellery that make your outfits truly feel like autumn and keep your summer items tucked away ready to be used all over again next year.

Darker metal

As the days get a little darker it's easy to wear the same bright silver necklace you had on all through summer. But Autumn is actually a great time to experiment with wearing some darker metals instead. Things such as duller silvers or plated metals work great at giving off a more rustic look. Some may feel this kind of metal looks less clean than its alternatives, but the beauty of Autumn is that it’s heavy ties to earthy colours such as orange and brown actually make this look good.

Warm gems

Bring in some deeper colours to your toned down end of year outfits by incorporating some warmer feeling gems and stones. Using pieces that are honey coloured or a mixture of deep oranges, reds and browns to create a look that isn't completely empty of colour but not overpowering at the same time. Pairing it with gold chains and metals sets it off beautifully, but any colour you choose to use can look great. There may not be a lot of sun throughout the season, but that small amount of warm light your jewellery catches will give the pieces a great warm glow.

Literally incorporate autumn

In case you don’t want to take such a subtle route to incorporating the season into your pieces, try actually using features of Autumn in your accessories designs. Use charms such as leaves on your rings, bracelets or even necklaces to relate to the season that changes the appearance of the trees around you. Even acorn charms can be a great little additions to a jewellery set that are subtle but very noticeable at the same time. This kind of jewellery is available in many different kinds of material, whether you're looking for all metal pieces or some with a little bit of colour.

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