‘No costume’ Halloween costumes

As the years go by Halloween costumes seem to be getting more and more expensive. If you don’t want to be spending huge amounts of money on looking great this Halloween then it may be worth checking out our cheap costume ideas below. They can all be created with surprisingly little effort and depending on what you have lying around the house you may be able to create them completely for free.


To create a scarecrow costume you will need an incredibly small list of things, simply some old clothes, a hat of some sort and makeup will complete this look in no time. Find some old garments you no longer care for or are about to throw out, preferably a checkered shit if you have one as these work well for this costume. The set to work on cutting and shredding the ends of them to look worn by countless nights of harsh weather. Add in some fake straw if you like to the ends of the sleeves and trouser cuffs and paint your face to look a little drawn on to complete the look.


Again, a zombie costumer requires similar items to creating a scarecrow, but the way you will end up putting them together is slightly different. Find some clothes you don’t mind running or no longer want and sip, cut and stretch them in any style and direction you please. Making them look as torn and battered as possible will aid your costume greatly. Add on some product to make them look dirty, or actually add on some dirt along with some fake blood and your clothes will be ready. Blood can be homemade or store bought, but depending on whether you want to be painting your face and also using it there, then it may be worth looking for one that won't taste bad and is safe to have around your mouth.


If you'd like a more feminine look that can also be incredibly scary for some, then a doll may be your perfect option. Set out to find and old childlike dress, preferably with frills and bows detailed on it. If you can't find one, try using some old material to make one up yourself. Pair the dress with some dolly shoes, knee high white socks and then work on your makeup. Try to make your skin look as plastic as possible, the faker it looks the better especially when also using eye makeup that makes your eyes look bigger. Some people decide to use large round coloured contacts for this effect, but this is down to personal taste and preference. To set of the look, give yourself an incredibly neat hairdo and finish it with a bow of some sort to match the rest of your outfit.

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