HOOVER HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer – White, White


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The Hoover HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer provides a generous 284 litres of storage, easily meeting the needs of a busy household. With its fully integrated handles and brilliant white finish it's a sleek and functional addition to your kitchen.The Hoover HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer provides 3 adjustable safety glass shelves and a salad crisper to allow you to easily make full use of its fridge capacity. The auto-defrost feature prevents any messy icey buildup at the back of your fridge, and reversible doors allow for left or right side opening.The 4* rated freezer has clear fronted drawers to easily see what you've got in stock, and provides an excellent 20 hours of safe storage in the event of a power failure. The Hoover HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer has a fully frost free freezer, making it extremely easy to maintain, as the hassle of defrosting a freezer is a thing of the past. Overall this fridge freezer has an A rating for energy efficiency, making it highly economical to run and better for the environment. For flexibility, reliability and a brand you can trust, the Hoover HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer is a brilliant choice. Fridge-freezers are not designed to be used in a garage or outhouse therefore we recommend that you don't use them in any unheated area. Should you wish to store your fridge-freezer in such an area it is recommended that you buy a model with twin thermostats as this will help to reduce the risk of food being spoiled. The Hoover HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer comes equipped with a single thermostat.