Products that protect your phone from damage

Just upgraded your smartphone to the latest model? There is nothing worse than the first scratch you get on a brand new phone and the panic of when it is first dropped. Avoid doing damage to your new device by ensuring you have these two simple items to keep it as safe as possible from dents, cracks and scratches and to save you money on extensive warranties.

Phone cases

The most popular and common way to protect a phone from any damage is to purchase a phone case. Due to their popularity they come in a wide variety of colours, designs and materials to suit whatever your style may be. However many complain that it ruins the look of a well designed phone, many argue that finding one you like should overcome that issue as you will like the design and also have a protected phone. Keeping your device looking great and functioning properly even after accidental potential damage such as dropping it.

The difference in material for a phone case can make a huge difference to the protection it provides. For example, a hard plastic case can be bought in a huge variety of colours and patterns. Making it a good choice for those who want a case with a little bit of personality and colour. They are good at protecting phones from things such as exposure to rain or tiny amount of liquid and dirt, however they are not the best protection for dropped devices. This is due to the fact they are a hard, solid case. Meaning that if they are dropped and land with some force, they are likely to break or crack. Resulting in the protection it provides your phone being significantly lowered.

However a silicone case will also offer similar protection from water or dirt that a plastic case would be able to, but it will also provide a much softer and reliable cushion for a device when it is dropped. This is due to the softer nature of the material, which means that the phone has a bouncer landing when it hits the floor, rather than hitting it at full force with direct impact. The only thing silicone cases commonly cant live up to in comparison to a plastic case is their appearance. They are not available in as big a range of colours and patterns, however they do have a decent range and more intricate ones can be found with a little searching.

Screen protectors

If a phone case simply isn't enough for you to feel safe about the protection of your phone's screen, or you have a case that protects the back of your phone only it may be an idea to invest in a screen protector as well. This cheap little accessory can be found in a fitted shape for your individual phone model and is stuck easily onto the screen to protect it from any scratches it may gain from being in your pocket with other objects or being dropped on the floor. This protector will not keep the rest of your phone safe from damage, but it will offer a little protection to ensure the visibility on your phone screen stays in best condition.

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